Chapter 602

Adirondack Chapter Experimental Aircraft Association
Fulton, Montgomery and Saratoga Counties, NY

 Welcome To Our Chapter

Welcome To Our Chapter

  Welcome to the internet home of Adirondack Chapter 602 of the Experimental Aircraft Association. We are known as the Adirondack Chapter because that is where the chapter was born. Over the last 30+ years of its existence the Chapter has grown and now draws members fromFulton, Montgomery, Saratoga, Schenectady , Schoharie and Albany Counties in upstate New York. This large geographical area also brings to Chapter 602 a diversity in its membership. The only requirement for chapter membership is a love for aviation and a desire to enjoy the camaraderie of fellow aviation enthusiast. Monthly meetings are held on the last Tuesday of the month starting at 7:00 PM, and guests are always welcome. Summer meetings find us at the main hanger at theFulton County airport (NY0), and Winter meetings are at the C&R Restaurant on Route 29 Galway, New York 

Whether you fly, build, restore or just simply enjoy airplanes and aviation all are welcome to attend chapter meetings and events. Chapter 602 is a group of men and women aviation enthusiast, aircraft builders and pilots who get together with like minded individuals to share ideas, exchange information, promote safety and serve the local aviation community and have a blast doing so. Please take your time and explore our website. Feel free to contact any of our members regarding questions. Most of all, check out our events calendar and make it a point to attend one of our events and participate in the EAA experience.

Next Meeting: Tuesday January 29 at 7:00 pm at the C&R restaurant on Route 29 Galway, NY. There will not be a December meeting. Instead the Christmas party will be held on Sunday December 2 at !:00 at the C&R.

Local Fly-In events calendar 2018    Here is this years list.  Thanks to John Pashley for compiling list. Updated 9/30/2018.


 -For Sale page-  Star Duster.


Member Plane Profile: Archive of Member Planes (Click Here)

 Piper Cherokee 180 PA-28-180  

Owner: Patrick Morris    Home Base: KSCH 


  Patrick purchased this Cherokee 180 in October 2015 from northeastern Maine. It is a 1967 Piper Cherokee 180 PA28-180 with a 180HP Lycoming 0-360-A3A. It has modified wing tips, wing root fairings, wheel pants, brake caliper fairings, gaps seals all the way around, flap hinge fairings, and a dorsal fin mod. A Garmin VFR GPS Nav/Com, autopilot and engine analyzer make it nicely equipped inside. The 180HP give a decent cruise speed, good useful load, respectable take off and landing performance.

General characteristics

  • Crew: one pilot
  • Capacity: one passenger
  • Length: 23.5 feet
  • Wingspan: 30 feet
  • Height: 7.3 feet
  • Wing area: 160 ft²
  • Empty weight 1340 lb
  • Loaded weight: 2400 lb
  • Useful load: 760 lb with full fuel
  • Power plant: Lycoming 0-360 180 hp
  • Wing loading: 13 lb/ft²
  • Fuel capacity: 50 gal
  • Fuel consumption: 10 gal/hr (75%)
  • Cabin width: 42 in
  • Cabin height: 44 in
  • Baggage capacity: 200 lb
  • Takeoff ground roll: 720 ft
  • Takeoff 50ft Object: 1620 ft
  • Landing ground roll: 600ft


  • Maximum Speed 152 mph
  • Cruise Speed 134 mph
  • Stall Speed: 50 knots (57 mph)
  • Range: 680 nmi (75% power w/reserve)
  • Service Ceiling: 15,700 feet
  • Rate of Climb: 750 ft/min
  • Power/Mass: 13.3 lb/hp


Latest News:  Chapter 602 had a fly-out/drive-in to Piseco K09 and the Oxbow Inn on 10/13/18. Bill W has sold his YAK and is getting another plane ready to fly. Artie and Kevin B have repaired the damage to Kevin's Pietenpol caused by a tornado that brought down Artie's hangar in 2017. Young Eagles Day on August 25th saw 34 young eagles flown. John Peck spent a week working on the one week wonder (RV) at Oshkosh. Sadly, two chapter members, long time member Gary C and Fred B passed away within days of each other the third week of June 2018. Bob Anderson is the Northeast Ambassador for the Recreational Airport Foundation (RAF), which The Pines and Plateau Sky Ranch (Edinburg) are now members. Private pilot Ed S is building a Zenith CH650B and has a bi-plane called Miss Mae that looks like a Spad. Darryl arranged a tour of the control tower at the Albany Airport on April 15, 2018. The almost 3 hour tour was very much enjoyed by those who attended. Thank you Darryl. Tom H, an A&P/IA, has started rebuilding a Super Cub and has finished and flown his StarDuster. He has put up a hangar at his airport for the StarDuster and their C-150 and is busy working on client's airplanes. Mike "Cupcake" C has purchased another Sonex. Ultra Tim D  has built a hangar to house his Hawk. Kevin B has his Hawk for sale. Patrick M has added even more gadgets in his aircraft. The annual $500 scholarship was awarded to Katarina Keyser of Amsterdam, NY on August 12, 2017 at the Fulton County Airport. Katarina will be attending Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and plans to have a career designing aircraft.

The 2019 chapter calendars are on sale for $10. Thanks for another good job Debbi C. Debbi asks that you please keep taking pictures for next year's calendar.

Shelli Saupe has the position of Newsletter Editor. If you are interested in contributing to the newsletter, please contact Shelli or send your article to Shelli by the 10th of the month. Please contribute, even if it is a short article. The newsletter needs articles and it is YOUR newsletter.

"PASSION FLIGHTS FOR LIFE"  The chapter welcomed Jim Davis (EAA member) in his Savannah XL Experimental and provided ground assistance when he stopped at the Fulton County airport (Johnstown, NY) on May 23, 2015. Jim, a cancer victim/survivor, hopes his flying to all 48 contiguous states will increase awareness about the importance of early detection and that there is life after cancer. Jim's online blog is "". Chapter 602 made Jim's overnight stop a good one. Jim, unprepared for the cold in the north, was given a pair of leather gloves and departed for Towanda, PA (Bradford Co) after his interview with WRGB. After a rest at home, Jim restarted his trip in July to the western states. Jim has completed his goal of stopping in each of the contiguous 48 states. UPDATE:  Jim has written a book about his adventure. Paperback with B&W pics is $14.95. Paperback with color pics is $19.95. Hardcover with color pics is $29.95. Postage for one book is $2.79. Order 9, tenth book is free. Postage for 10 books is $12.95. Books can be ordered at


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