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Adirondack Chapter Experimental Aircraft Association
Fulton, Montgomery and Saratoga Counties, NY

Airventure Oshkosh 2013

Check here for the chronicles of the EAA Chapter 602 members venturing to Oshkosh WI for .Airventure!   Listen to EAA Radio live at See the photo album here

Day 8  Friday  August 2 2013/RjGpSvlI1riv.128.mp3

The Tim's made it back this afternoon after a couple small hiccups and working around a couple weather systems.

Keeping a nice safe check on the oil level at a Hornel, NY followed by an oops forgot the oil cap! This was followed by Tim C finding out his battery didn't have another start left in it. 

Wing X Pro on the Ipad mini allowed them to keep up with the weather and make it back home. This is an in flight shot.

Day 7  -  Thursday  August 1

Tim D:  The two Tim's are in Sandusky Ohio. Unlike the trip out we had some great tail winds and averaged 100 mph over the ground for most of the way back.  Darryl, Kelly, And Stephanie our loyal ground crew stayed behind and will be departing on Saturday,so we were on our own. John and Artie were also on the road yesterday headed back to home base. Looking forward to getting home to loved ones, but sad that the adventure is coming to an end. Lots of news letter material for months to come. Talk to you soon.

Day 6 - Wednesday July 31

Tim D:  Another full day at Air Adventure 2013. Still so much to see but Tim C. and I will be departing tomorrow. Night air show and fireworks capped the day. I have pictures and videos to share when I return. Time to get cracking as we want to be wheels up by 08:00.

Day 5 - Tuesday July 30

Patrick M: At last nights monthly meeting we did a live web cast from our Oshkosh contingent. We received updates from Tim C and really got to partake in their excitement for a few minutes. He gave us a summary of the trip and week so far and then we did a little Q&A.  Thanks for sharing with us guys!

Tim Delta: Another beautiful weather day. We all did some shopping today. Some more great air show action this afternoon. Mark Murphy flew the P-51 for the Texas legends. And the end of the show had over 50 airplanes in the air at once. Time is flying buy. Can 't believe I only have one day left before we head home. Today we saw Jetman who was just a tiny spec in the sky, we were all hoping for buzz light year. Tomorrow night is the night air show. Stay tuned for details. 




Day 4 - Monday July 29  - Soaking it in and first day air show

Tim D:  Air show day one was incredible. Temps in the low 80's, light winds, clear blue sky's. the scope of this event is mind boggling. Even if you had the full week here there is no way you could possibly see everything. Afternoon air show ran for three hours with some insane aerobatic pilots and it was concluded with the worlds only privately owned Harrier. I can't adequately describe how weird it is to see a jet hover. You name it its here. Jet man today. I have attached pictures of a carbon cub on floats and a natural gas or 100LL legal AC. Artie and John arrived yesterday. I will send a picture of what we believe is the largest contingent of 602 members to attend Oshkosh at one time. Wish you could all be here. Stay tuned.

Day 3 - Sunday July 28  - Our contingent made it to Oshkosh late this afternoon!

Tim D: "Pouring rain, 8 fuel stops, 25 knot head winds, stuck in Ohio. This view from the cockpit, priceless."


Talked to Tim C who sounded exhilarated from the "journey". It was like talking to a kid on Christmas eve. Congratulations guys and enjoy. 

Made it out of Sandusky - more details tonight

I guess they got some flying in!  

Anonymous: "My A** hurts"     

 Day2 - Saturday July 27  Stuck in Sandusky, OH due to weather

Tim C:  "We're stuck in Ohio in a hurricane. I had to sit in my tent and fight the wind and sheet rain to keep it from blowing away. It's like the priest playing golf in the rain in Caddy Shack. Unbelievable."

 Tim C:  "We're in the main hangar now, drying all of our stuff out. These people here are awesome."



 Tim D: "Having fun in Ohio"

Day 1 - Friday July 26   NY0 Fulton County Airport to Sandusky, OH

First day weather was perfect and Tim C. & I along with our road warriors have made it to Sandusky Ohio. Unfortunately Gary had a landing accident in New Castle and damage to his AC prevented him from continuing. Chapter 1272 at S24 put on a fantastic barbecue for us this evening.

Looks like we may be skunked by weather tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Tim Devine

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