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Young Eagles

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EAA?
Why was the EAA Young Eagles program started?

What do you hope to gain by taking my child flying?

Who are the Pilots?

How does my child become a Young Eagle?

What will the flight be like?

What happens to the registration form?

June 2014 Leader Herald article on our Young Eagles program!!! 

National EAA Young Eagles site for more information.

What is EAA?
EAA, the Experimental Aircraft Association, is an international aviation membership association founded in 1953 and headquartered in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. More than 160,000 people currently belong to EAA, with local Chapters located in all 50 states and many countries. Members are aviation enthusiasts of every age group, including many airline and commercial pilots, engineers, business people and even astronauts. They enjoy all types of airplanes, including "experimental" aircraft, those aircraft built by individual craftsmen, rather than in a factory. “Experimental” refers to the category of aircraft designed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for these types of airplanes. Similar to standard category aircraft, Experimental aircraft are inspected and certified airworthy by FAA. EAA’s corporate offices and extensive AirVenture Museum are located in Oshkosh. EAA is a 501(c) 3 organization, recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. EAA hosts one of the world's largest general aviation events, the annual EAA AirVenture Oshkosh Fly-In. The event draws more than 700,000 people and 10,000 aircraft to Oshkosh each summer.; Top

Why was the EAA Young Eagles program started?

The EAA Young Eagles Program was developed in 1992 to welcome young people into the world of aviation. Aviation is exciting and vital to our nation's future and the best way to convey that message is to actually experience flight in a first-hand setting.

What do you hope to gain by taking my child flying?

Each EAA Young Eagle will experience a safe and enjoyable flight that will give them new perspectives on the world and life in general. We feel that Young Eagles program participants will understand that an individual's potential is unlimited and for them, the sky is the limit!

Who are the Pilots?

The pilots who are participating in the Young Eagles program are local members of EAA who are volunteering their time and aircraft to make your child’s flight possible. Each pilot is licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration (or governing organization outside the U.S., such as Transport Canada) and all aircraft are likewise licensed by the government. The flights will be conducted according to federal regulations. No aerobatic maneuvers will be performed.

How does my child become a Young Eagle?

If your child is between the ages of eight and 17,
find the Young Eagle Coordinator near you. As a parent, you'll need to complete a Young Eagle registration form that is available from your pilot. They can help you fill out the form and answer any other specific questions you may have. Top

What will the flight be like?

First of all, your pilot will explain what will happen during the flight. This might include talking about the airplane; reviewing an aeronautical chart and identifying reference points during the flight; completing a careful "walk around" preflight inspection of the airplane and identifying the parts that control the airplane; helping buckle your child's seat belt and describing the interior of the airplane, including the instrument panel. Once in the air, your child will see the earth and sky in a new and exciting way. They will experience the wonderful freedom of flight that many people only dream about. Many people remember this experience for the rest of their lives. The length of the flight will depend on many factors, but most Young Eagle flights last between 15 and 20 minutes. Once back on the ground, there will be additional time for questions after the flight. Please note that each pilot is encouraged to follow the Young Eagle pilot guidelines, but also has the freedom to customize the flight to make the most of local conditions and facilities.

What happens to the registration form?

After the flight is completed, the pilot will issue your child the official EAA Young Eagles logbook or certificate. The pilot then returns the registration form to the EAA Young Eagles office where the flight will be officially registered in the World's Largest Logbook. You and your child will be able to see the flight information on the Internet at At the same time, we understand that privacy is important. Only basic information is displayed on the web and your address and phone number will never become part of the public database. We will send your child follow up information from EAA about our free on-line ground school course; details regarding other youth aviation programs and EAA scholarships. Space is provided on the registration form for an E-Mail address. The E-mail address will be used to add your child to the monthly Young Eagles electronic newsletter. You may opt out of the newsletter subscription at any time and there is no charge for the newsletter. Your child's name and E-mail address will not be sold or used for commercial purposes. We are sensitive to keeping your child's contact information confidential. Top\

 Our Chapters Young Eagles Pilots 1553 Kids flown and counting!


PilotCity, State FlightsChapterPilot IDLast Flight
Robert F. AndersonCorinth, NY24EAA6022362106/12/2004
Fredrick M. BlowersGloversville, NY33EAA6024842808/22/2015
Michael . CluckeyJohnstown, NY25EAA6024726408/24/2013
Timothy . CowperMiddle Grove, NY42EAA6024601408/04/2012
Tim . DevineBallston Spa, NY89EAA6023915308/24/2013
George . DonaldsonJohnstown, NY0EAA60230525
David . DudleyNorthville, NY24EAA6023034108/26/2006
Herbert . DudleyNorthville, NY139EAA6023034208/26/2006
John EislerAmsterdam, NY28EAA6023034310/14/2000
Tom . FlanaganHagaman, NY3EAA6024726508/07/2010
Donald . FleischutGloversville, NY29EAA6024741908/22/2015
David A. FordPiseco, NY3EAA6024601608/08/2009
Joel . GlickmanTroy, NY22EAA6024669608/16/2014
Tracy . GreenGloversville, NY10EAA6024726610/09/2011
Roger . JohnsonHagaman, NY62EAA6023050407/28/2016
Nicholas E. McLainSpring Hill, FL17EAA6023033910/14/2000
John . MilczarekNone, NY15EAA6022791709/26/2000
William H. MiltonWest Glenville, NY38EAA602641108/09/2008
Patrick . MorrisGlenville, NY30EAA6024875408/22/2015
Rodney . MurphyAmsterdam, NY9EAA6024202109/07/2008
Russell W. PokornyBerne, NY4EAA6024601508/08/2009
Philman W. RisleyNorthville, NY28EAA6023372408/11/2007
Kenneth M. SherwoodNorthville, NY81EAA6023034006/12/2004
Douglas J. SterlingHadley, NY574EAA6023690610/04/2015
Judy . SterlingHadley, NY0EAA60241960
Deane . TaberColonie, NY26EAA6024842908/04/2012
John UhlingerBallston Spa, NY2EAA6022791606/19/1999
Bill D. WadeSchenectady, NY117EAA6021247806/12/2004
Darryl . WhiteBroadalbin, NY33EAA6024875506/13/2015

 James Rogers Poestenkill, NY 5 EAA 602 1089698 06/11/2016

 Angello Zullo Stillwater, NY 22 EAA 602 1154067 08/22/2015

 Stephanie Zwolinski Schenectady 19 EAA602 1120919 08/22/2015

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